As Washington Bureau Chief for t-online, Germany’s biggest news website, I cover the Trump White House and the conflicted transatlantic relationship.

I am a member of the White House Correspondents’ Association and I report directly from the White House, Congress, and from other places throughout the United States. In addition, I speak on American media on US-European issues. In my weekly newsletter, I explain America in the age of Trump to my readers abroad.

Fabian Reinbold at C-SPAN

Prior to moving to Washington, I have worked at Der SPIEGEL’s website for six years, as a reporter and editor. Among other things, I covered the intersection of politics and the digital revolution, and I had multiple scoops regarding the power of Facebook, IT security and disinformation campaigns. In addition, I covered the European financial and refugee crises, and I reported from countries such as China, India, and Italy.

As recipient of the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship I worked at the Denver Post during the 2016 US presidential election campaign and researched American gun culture in Colorado. As Robert Bosch Foundation Media Ambassador to China I worked in Beijing for three months.

Fabian Reinbold bei Recherche in Colorado

I am an expert on the Trump White House, transatlantic relations, and the workings of disinformation and modern propaganda.